Anonymous asked: Yo sorry if I'm intruding or whatnot but your list of Trans* blogs is really helpful :D Another blog you could have their is 'ftmsextalk' erm it's not always SFW but it's pretty helpful. And the 'transgenderteensurvivalguide'. I dunno maybe you'd wanna check 'em out. sorry :)

Cool! I will check these out when I get home and on my laptop! Thank you :D

Anonymous asked: Really? that's so awesome to hear. 'cause I hate my hair because it's all soft and shiny and I can't do any hairstyles with it. Good luck with your chest surgery stuff! Andrew Yelland is a god - totally wanna get top surgery with him when it's my turn!

Thank you so man! your hair will deffo change :) and good luck to you too!

Anonymous asked: Have you noticed much difference in texture of your hair?

yeah, it’s not as soft and shiny now, it’s gotten thicker (if that was even possible) and very rough to touch 

Anonymous asked: That's awesome news about your top surgery!!!! :D I'm so so so happy for you!

Thank you so much! :D 

Guys i’ve got my first opinion for top surgery in june!!!!! :D

Hey so, testosterone gave me a jaw line! Anyway, 9 months on t :D

If you could change how the Gender Clinic (UK) works and operates, what would you change?

So for the first time since starting testosterone i decided today to finally shave all my existing facial hair off (9 months on testosterone) i did so with a grade 0 on my clippers, here is the stubble i have so far left over. i’m pretty happy with the sides of my face as you can see i’ve missed a lot of fine hairs i didn’t even know existed! and my chin have 3/4 little troopers growing thick and strong! So yeah, i did this so i can monitor how fast it grows back :) 

Support Jacob's Chest Surgery Fund by Jacob Gibson


Help out a very dear friend of mine?
Basically, my friend was due to get his top surgery by this summer, he had his referral from the gender identity clinic in Leeds, and everything was set to be done after his exams in June.
However, he started having non-epilpetic seizures at some point last summer, which are caused primarily by stress, and after being messed around by several doctors, specialists, neurologists, with misdiagnoses after misdiagnoses, the GIC decided that, given he is under stress, he is no longer eligible for top surgery through them, and have discharged him until he can get his ‘stress under control’. 
Instead of ranting about the NHS, their hypocrisy and their inability to realise that maybe his stress is caused by the fact that he’s being messed around idiotically before he can have his top surgery, he has started up a fundraiser page, so he can hopefully go privately, and break away from the NHS. 
So yeah, please donate. It would mean one hell of a lot to him and it would mean one hell of a lot to me. 
Or just reblog and spread the word?